Are you experiencing or facing problems in expressing your ideas through writing? Worry No More, The Business Management Centre offers you an outlet where you can publish your writing in any two of our prestigious journals.

In any types of services, it is crucial that there is an added value to an offering.

In many journal publications, the editorial board does not provide assistance in editing and improving your writing. They will publish your article in the way it was sent. This will indirectly belittle your hard work and efforts. Our editorial team takes pride in our effort to improve your writing quality. Our team will get together and improve your writing through vigilant work and bring your article to a higher quality level. What we will do are:

    1. Authoring or Co-authoring with our ISI or SCOPUS indexed authors and reviewers
    2. Improve your sentence structures and enhance the strength of your writing
    3. Make senses to your writing through a careful and impactful writing
    4. Reconstruct your sentences for clarity and lucidity

We do not charge any additional costs for our services. These services are provided free-of-charge to enhance the quality of your writing as well as to enhance our journal potentials.

Publishing with our reviewers or experts in Top ISI or SCOPUS journals

If you wish to collaborate with our reviewers, kindly send us your proposed topic with skeleton ideas or your write-up to: We will hook you up with the respective reviewers or experts on your field and your forth-coming journal publications is hopefully in the making. You may refer to some selected journal publications that our reviewers and experts have published at Editorial Board and Reviewers.

To collaborate with our reviewers or experts, we will need you to at least publish two articles with us or submit two conference papers. Our reviewers or experts will be working closely with you to craft the manuscript to reach a better international quality.

Grab this opportunity and publish with us NOW.



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