Manuscript Body Style

Your manuscript will start with:

Title of manuscript: Bold, centered and use Sentence case with 12 times-new-roman font

Author 1: Centered without bold (single spacing)

Author 2: Centered without bold (single spacing)

Institution: Italic and centered (single spacing)

Email: Italic and centered (single spacing)

Abstract: Begin your abstract (150 word count) (single spacing)

Keywords: up to 6 keywords with ; after each keyword.

Insert twice 1.5 spacing between the keyword and Title 1


  1. Title 1

After your title, begin your discussion.

Your second paragraph will begin with a 0.5” indent.

Insert a 1.5 spacing for your next title or sub-title


1.1   Subtitle 1

After your subtitle, insert a 1.5 spacing and you will begin your discussion


1.1.1  Sub sub-title

After the sub sub-title, insert a 1.5 spacing and you will begin your discussion



Indent 0.5” (with font 10 times-new-roman, single spacing) 

Significance level

Please write your significance level as eg. p < .01.

Text Style

Use text-justify style throughout your writing.

Page numbering

Bottom of page and centered

Hypotheses statements

0.5 indent text-justified eg. H1: Hypothesis statement

Numerical points

Use i. instead of i)


Table and Figures formatting

Table 1: Title of Table (will be placed above the table with single line spacing and centered). Contents in the tables will be left justified.

Figure 1: Title of Figure (will be placed below the figure with single line spacing and centered)


Top 1”

Bottom 1”

Left 1”

Right 1”


12 times-new-roman 1.5 spacing

10 pages maximum inclusive of tables,

References Style

Kindly use the endnote (follow the APA 6th edition) when submitting your manuscript.