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The theory of computer vision

Time:2014-02-20This siteViews:2826

Computer vision is the use of various imaging system instead of the visual organ as input sensitive means, replaced by the computer to complete the processing and interpretation of the brain. The ultimate goal of computer vision is to enable the computer to like people through observation and understanding of the visual world, with independent ability to adapt to the environment. After long-term efforts to achieve the goals. Therefore, before the realization of the ultimate goal, the medium-term goal our is a visual system, this system can be based on the intelligent degree visual sensitivity and feedback of the completion of a certain task. For example, visual navigation is an important application in the field of computer vision is an autonomous vehicle, is no condition to realize the human that can recognize and understand any environment, complete the autonomous navigation system. Therefore, research efforts is to achieve a road tracking ability on the highway, can avoid the collision with the front visual aid vehicle driving system. Some would like to point out here is in the computer vision system computer replace human brain function, but it does not mean that the computer must complete the visual information according to human vision. Processing of computer vision can and should be for visual information according to the characteristics of the computer system. However, the human visual system is so far, known as the most powerful and perfect vision system. As described in the following chapters will see, to study the mechanism of human vision will give the research on computer vision provides inspiration and guidance. Therefore, using computer information processing approach to the study of human visual mechanism, the establishment of calculation theory of human vision, the research field is also a very important and interesting. Research in this area is called computational vision (Computational Vision). Computer vision can be considered as a research field in computer vision.



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