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The latest development of weight sorting scale technology

Time:2014-02-20This siteViews:2757

The latest development of weight sorting scale is divided into the following four trends:

(1) weight sorting scale automatic adaptation, automatic adjustment, self diagnosis, remote control operation

Product weight sorting scale new has been developing in the direction of intelligence, for different size and measuring speed is seized goods, can automatically determine the most appropriate screening and measure time; when ROM/RAM, A/D, photoelectric device, communication and other abnormal, prompt and take measures, self adjustment, self diagnostic function; because the new weight sorting scale products have the ARC NET and ETHERNET network communication function, which makes the system can realize computer combination weigher and process control, and remote control operation and process feedback control.

(2) weight sorting and check, X ray detection integration

In recent years, weight sorting scale products tend to be more compact, function of the direction of development, weight sorting scale metal detection, X ray detection and separation integration has come into the market. To meet the great demand for food industry. At present the general metal detector can detect 0.8 ~ 1.0mm metal foreign body, detection rate of up to 40 ~ 60m/min. The metal detector can detect metal scrap iron is very small, but can not detect such as hair, head, bone, glass and other foreign bodies. Therefore a X ray foreign body detector latest emerge as the times require, the device can detect the 0.3mm diameter iron or stainless steel ball, and can detect 0.28 × 2mm stainless steel wire, as well as the hair, head, bone, glass and other foreign bodies. Detection rate of up to 65m/min.

(3) weight sorting and packing integrated logistics detection

Recently, the industrial countries in the world began to function of progressive weight sorting scale expansion to the automatic management of storage container. A set of weight sorting, packing size detection, radio frequency identification code, shape image recognition technology in an integrated transportation and detection equipment has been used in logistics management system.

(4) the HACCP technology security system

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is "hazard analysis and critical control point" system. Is the first by America NASA astronaut food safety guarantee space operations and the development of. Has been to Europe and the United States and the WHO/FAO WHO as food production and market access requirements. The traditional food safety control procedure was generally looking for potential hazards in concentrated observation, final product testing etc.. The latest HACCP management system, food safety into the design process, rather than the traditional product inspection. HACCP management system is the control of food safety hazard prevention system. The system consists of 7 principles: conduct a hazard analysis and identify preventive measures; determine the key control point; to establish the critical limits; monitor each critical control point; set up when the key limit value deviation, corrective measures can be adopted; establish a record keeping system; establish verification procedures. The HACCP system is based on GMP (GMP) and SSOP (sanitation standard operation procedure) basis, and more technical, flexibility.

China Certification and Accreditation Commission issued the "food production enterprises of the hazard analysis and critical control point in 2002 March (HACCP) management system certification management regulations", requires first of all the export of food processing enterprises must complete the HACCP certification work as soon as possible, to obtain food export "pass". In addition, due to the recent unprecedented development China food, beverage industry requirements, weight sorting scale in line with the international HACCP food safety and health standards, which can meet the requirements of the latest technology weight sorting scale has been promoted to the market.




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