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Tissue weight don't scale - detection of tissue is the missing piece

Time:2014-02-20This siteViews:2864

Application of weight don't scale in tissue paper production is very extensive. Tissue paper in our everyday life is often used to quality of life. On the market to sell the paper also divides a lot of kinds, a towel, towel, towel, life medical beauty towel and so on, use is very extensive. And the paper packaging is also varied, with a tissue box, paper bag, paper towel tube, portable.

Packaging manufacturers in the production of tissue paper, in order to ensure that the paper towels and towel tube number each packaging bag weight is consistent, then need weight don't scale to detect the tissue paper, sorting out the unqualified product rework tissue. Weight don't scale in tissue packing monitoring has played a very important role in the production, the final link for re examination of product packaging weight in the products, in order to detect the packing process or production process errors.

When the towel production links into the weight don't scale, the system according to the external signal, such as photoelectric switch signal, or internal level signal to be detected, identified products into the weighing zone. According to the weight don't scale speed and the length of the belt conveyor, or according to the signal, system can determine, tissue left the weighing time. From the product into the weighing segment to leave weighing, weighing sensor will detect below the signal, a controller to select signal stability zone calculation signal processing, can get tissue weight.

When the controller weight signal wipes, system and the preset weight range comparison, for the weight does not conform to the specifications of the tissue removed, to ensure that the manufactured products conform to the requirements of weight. This is both to ensure the interests of consumers and producers. Consumers will not suffer losses because Quejinshaoliang, manufacturers will not be honorary damage because of customer complaints and complaints. Can say, weight choose don't balance, to solve a lot of paper quality and packing problems.



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