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Application examples of the checkweigher in various industries

Time:2014-02-20This siteViews:2668

One, the checkweigher in logistics, warehouse industry using a large logistics companies need to size, weight of different bags category, storage or transport. Before the application of automatic checkweigher for case classification is by human to solve, high labor intensity and the error rate is very high. Through the optimization and upgrading of the precision of automatic checkweigher equipment, the system can directly control the conveyor belt after the increase of automation line, effectively solves the problems exist in the logistics company.

High speed automatic checkweigher, efficient automatic inspection on two jet printing, labeling system using precision for a precision casting product company supporting, specially for test weight measurement, data storage, printing processes such as weight on the assembly line the company product packaging automatic production. When packed finished by weighing segment speed checkweigher, control to ensure accurate data acquisition products weighing system conveying suspension system, in the product data after the data synchronization is transmitted to the printer, the printer can realize that all kinds of product data in real time high accuracy non-contact printing. Precision high speed checkweigher application made a breakthrough for the economic cost of the industry in the label printing labeling industry.

Three, the checkweigher (multi segment choose don't) in aquatic products, chicken (wing), application of precise production design of battery, glass particles, fruit and other industry segments of online classification machine with independent intellectual property rights, this type of equipment is widely used in water product sorting, chicken (fin) group, the battery plate glass particle sorting, sorting, grading and other industries. Multi stage separation system is design using the checkweigher mature precision online, the more rapid, more accurate weighing and sensor sampling system, make rapid processing accuracy of the target weight, and control the belt will be measured items automatically transported to the corresponding category region. Research of multi segment online checkweigher and through the practical application, as the industry successfully solves the disadvantages of high failure rate, low production efficiency, production process category selection operation, improving the production efficiency for enterprises, greatly reduce the operating strength of workers, and workers no longer contact may endanger the health of the working environment in the.



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