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How to solve the difficulties in production line weight detection

Time:2014-02-20This siteViews:2677

A number of domestic manufacturers, in the face of weight detection, the early method, to check the artificial method. This method not only efficiency low error, and artificial requires large, leading to increased cost. Now, according to the weight of production line detection difficulties, China has gradually to automation direction development, while the checkweigher is a kind of equipment for automatic online weighing.

Checkweigher is a kind of non automatic weighing continuous unit load weighing. The checkweigher can according to the preset threshold to test the weight of the weighed object is. When the called object weight exceeds the maximum allowed value and the lower limit value, object automatic detection will super bad, and can automatically from the production process to eliminate and audible alarm signal.

Production enterprises to use artificial methods to detect early, is easy to appear the shortage or missing pieces of the phenomenon, which greatly affected the customers for the product image. Although the companies, the checkweigher is one-time investment is larger, but taking into account the long term cost and corporate image, the checkweigher is enterprise future development first choice.



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