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Facility agriculture eco physiological information monitoring system

Time:2014-02-20This siteViews:2737

The system can real-time acquisition of greenhouse temperature, humidity, illumination, soil temperature, CO2 concentration, dew point and other environmental parameters can be collected at the same time, fruit growth rate, growth rate, stem leaf wetness and other biological parameters, the visual chart and curve display to the user, and provide all kinds of information management based on the growth of the demand of crops. The system can be widely used in agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry etc, to realize the automatic control and intelligent management of the environment on the comprehensive agricultural ecological information automatic monitoring facilities.

The hardware system: (1) stable performance: watchdog protective measures, avoid system crashes, multiple fault tolerant measures, avoid a user error caused the problem; (2) strong extensibility: system software uses the modular structure, convenient function expansion or shield. (3) large storage capacity: each collector can be arbitrarily connected to 16 kinds of sensor, can long time storage data acquisition. (4) low cost: the system not only can be connected with the special sensor greenhouse self R & D, but also to the foreign sensor integrated together, compared with the similar foreign products prices down a large amplitude.

Software features: (1) the overall setting: select the communications port, COM1 or COM2, set the current connection data collector number, automatic generation of the collector corresponding database and graphical user interface corresponding system, you can set up to 32. (2) data display: display real-time temperature and port measurement data, computer data storage state, lower computer record number. (3) the data storage: you can choose to manually or automatically data will be stored in the database, when using the manual mode to store the data, the data can be lower export all, until the record number of zero. When the data storage automatic mode, the system has the function of automatic reading data every 2 hours. (4) graphics: to greenhouse measurement parameters in the form of a curve can be displayed, three-dimensional map display the temperature trend charts and the port data trend graph.



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