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Automatic monitoring system for outdoor weather

Time:2014-02-20This siteViews:2802

Main uses:

The system can collect real-time environment temperature, humidity, light intensity, rainfall, soil temperature, wind direction, wind speed, air pressure and other meteorological information outdoor meteorological automatic monitoring, and graphical processing and related analysis, generate artificial observation is unable to provide information and services, convenient and quick, better use of meteorological data, let the data become true and useful information. The system can be widely used in agriculture, horticulture, plant industry, city environment etc..

System features:

(1) large capacity storage: according to the needs of users can connect 16 meteorological sensors, and can be stored for a long time the data collected, the USB host interface to control the U disk as the backup data storage;

(2): a powerful software was used to analyze the data processing, and graphics display. The software has an intuitive graphical user interface, even if the computer without the knowledge of the user, can also facilitate the use of. The multiple fault tolerant measures, avoid a user error caused the problem;

(3) low power: can be powered by solar panels, batteries are used in the field, the charge and discharge controller can prevent the batteries from over charging or discharging, prolong service life of battery.

Function introduction:

(1) parameter settings: set the connection type of sensors, the data storage interval, upper and lower limits of the alarm.

(2) data display: display the current time, real-time measurement data and client state to digital and graphics.

(3) the data storage: storage time interval according to the set time, the collected data is stored in the collection.

(4) data transmission: computer can connect up to 32 weather stations through wired and wireless ways, monitoring network composed of a certain size.

(5) data derived the collector storage: store the data to U disk, also can be formed by directly into the communication port of the computer database.

(6) graphic display: display the stored data at any time in the database by means of curves.



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