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General machinery airborne control terminal

Time:2014-02-20This siteViews:2779

General machinery airborne control terminal FieldMaste-1000 for precision agriculture in China research and production practice of demand for the operation of agricultural machinery information acquisition, operation navigation and variable implementation, development of a suitable for farmland operation machine in the variable rate, variable sowing, variable spraying and farmland information acquisition, process control, monitoring and the auxiliary machinery operations for variables of homework assignments and general agricultural navigation airborne embedded monitoring terminal equipment. Terminal based on PC104 embedded board as the core, integrated storage, display, input and output peripherals such as functional components, construct the agricultural airborne job control, monitoring function demand of embedded terminal equipment, and integrated according to the characteristics of components, machinery and the appearance of structural design for airborne terminal. The terminal uses Miosoft 32 bit embedded real-time operating system WinCE.net.

Technical features are as follows:

The operating system: Custom Miosoft 32 bit embedded real-time operating system WinCE.net;

◆ CPU: onboard low power GX1-300MHz CPU;

◆ 6.4 '' LCD screen;

Thin film keyboard with 30 soft keys;

The 2 S-232 serial communication ports;

The 1 USB communication port;

The dual CAN interface;

◆ 128M memory;

◆ adopts 128M CF to store user data

◆ working temperature: 0 ~ 55 ℃

The system power supply: DC12V



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