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The corn crop planting system of digital

Time:2014-02-20This siteViews:2654

A knowledge model system for maize management

At present, with China to promote the construction of digital agriculture, the need to develop various high credibility of crop digital software applied to various agricultural production management. According to China's corn production management present situation, on the basis of domestic and foreign excellent crop simulation models and expert systems, we on the crop environment mechanism relationship is analyzed, developed the corn - environment - technology measures, has strong universality, accuracy and easy operation series of corn of the digital management software knowledge model for Maize management system based on (V1.0), maize growth simulation model system (V1.0) and maize field management decision support system (V1.0) software, and obtained the registration of software copyright.

Development of corn digital management software to promote the digital agriculture process in China, the realization of digital design, agriculture standardization production and visualization provides knowledge of system science and broad decision-making tool.



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