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Mobile greenhouse precision machinery

Time:2014-02-20This siteViews:2754

Mobile greenhouse precision machinery by the State Agricultural Information Engineering Technology Research Center for agricultural facilities and precision management development.

Mobile greenhouse fertilization machine can easily move in different greenhouse, a programmable controller and fertilizer use alarm system, fertilizer fertilizer exhausted when the system will automatically alarm. Fertilization can set free fertilization program, to achieve arbitrary control fertilization time and content of the. The agricultural machinery can make irrigation and fertilization combination, the time interval of precision irrigation and fertilization, but also improve fertilizer use efficiency 1525% around.

Mobile greenhouse precise spraying machine precision atomizing nozzle can achieve reasonable, spray atomization, atomization effect is good, and the spray head is mounted inside the drip filter system. Spraying the liquid barrel is mounted inside the liquid mixing system of Venturi spray, spray. Can save chemical pesticides from 15% to 20% by using the machine, while reducing the greenhouse because of the large number of spraying chemical pesticides caused by humidity increase crop disease phenomenon.






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