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Product Name:Liquor filling online detection system (vision)

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1, the

In recent years, the development of the huge market demand for bottled water, wine, beverage, bottled liquid product manufacturing industry holder smooth read fast. Only the use of new technology to improve product quality, reduce production costs, improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

At present, the bottled liquid manufacturers have adopted mechanical equipment automatic sealing of bottles. Because the sealing part of the process of foreign bodies into the liquid bottle pollution. To solve this problem, the main domestic manual detection method. Both from the production line, the bottle of bottled liquid product by artificial, its inversion, alignment of special light source, observation of liquid bottle is free of foreign matter, such as no foreign body for the qualified products, put back production line, otherwise it will be removed. But the artificial low detection efficiency, slow speed, low precision, the missing rate is high, easy fatigue testing personnel. Therefore, the company has developed a set of image processing, the appearance of the bottle body detection system based on artificial detection to replace the current. The characteristic of machine vision is automated, objective, non contact and high precision.

The composition and working principle, system 2

2.1 system:

Camera: high speed and high resolution digital camera

Source: highlight the use of LED backlight light source, which makes the detection area of the background illumination.

Removing device: mechanical road transportation.

IPC: imported industrial control machine, has the advantages of high stability, merit of fast processing speed.

Software: image processing software for independent research and development

The 2.2 principle:

The detected bottles along the conveyor belt moving fast, when reaching the detection position, the sensor produces a trigger signal, to perform inversion mechanism to start, the bottles, suddenly stopped when inverted to 180 °, (the bottle has been at rest, due to inertia, the liquid in the bottle and the foreign body is still in a state of motion activate the camera), continuous acquisition of multiple images, card for A/D conversion and sent to the computer through image acquisition. Processing, judging by computer image processing software, if the jars containing foreign body is rejected from the actuator will bottle conveying line remove, if the products are qualified to continue the next procedure.

This system adopts multi position detection method for detecting liquid foreign body, the first station test (black body hair, fiber, black impurities), the backlight, the background is white, black body blocking the light source, the picture body part to the collected were black; second position detection of foreign body in white (glass chip), using the bottom lighting way, black background, so the imaging of foreign body in white on a black background showing a white light.

Figure 1: schematic diagram

Figure 2: lighting effect chart

2.3 system features:
Detection of high stability
Non contact detection
Fast detection speed
High precision

The detection range and performance index of the 3, the product
3.1 detection range
- bottle breakage detection
- bottle crack, damage detection
- The outer surface of the booty
- in the wall of the bottle, detection
- bottle cap with crooked, no cover, deformation
- sealed bottle detection
- Liquid foreign body
- the bottle detection

The 3.2 technical indicators
The bottle to bottle breakage detection device, crack detection rate ≥ 99% false detection rate ≤ 1 ‰
The liquid in the bottle body detection rate:
Foreign body area of less than 1 mm 2 detection rate ≥ 95% false detection rate ≤ 5 ‰
Foreign body area is greater than 1 mm 2 detection rate ≥ 99% false detection rate ≤ 2 ‰


Head number (a)
Suitable bottle
Dimensions (mm)



(bottles / hour)
Height (mm) 
Diameter (mm)




















3.3 Defect statistics
 The bottle is broken      Glass dusts
 The original image                     The liquid area map

4, the product after sale service
Our company engaged in machine vision development has 5 years of history, the product is high speed bottle detection device based on machine vision technology. At the same time, has been committed to improving the product, product upgrading and transformation.



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