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Song Dan

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September 1986 - 1990 July Huazhong University of Computer Applications in professional learning, Bachelor of Engineering, September 2001 - 2003 July project management professional learning at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, a master's degree, senior engineer, IPMA Certification International project management experts; September 1990 to September 1998 the Group's corporate management responsible for a number of research and development projects in Taiwan Lean Group; September 1998 to December 2006 in Beijing Haven software company as technical director; 2009 July date for the inauguration of Shenzhen Ding Technology Co., Ltd., as the person in charge of a number of projects. 
Obtain patents: 1998 has a number of independent intellectual property rights, approved a national invention patents and two utility model patents and five software copyrights. 
As R & D R & D management team has accumulated a wealth of practical experience in software development for new software technology into software products has accumulated many years of good operation and maintenance, management, development and implementation of large-scale integrated IT projects.

Yedao Xiang



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