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  Ding Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen CityEstablished in July 22, 2009. Companies located in the "high-tech aircraft," said the "Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park," Software Park, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the core technology and industrial inspection and automation systems, software companies, the company will strive to create the field integrated service providers.
  Since its inception, has been committed to the "scientific and technological innovation, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of enterprise and the "improvement of product quality, and actively improve the service" quality throughout. And to become a "customer expert consultants" production users, equipment suppliers to become the "new technical support consultant" as the company's technical service development goal to pursue.
  "Customers trust the same field preferred supplier" is our goal.
  The company's core technologies include computer vision testing and analysis, automatic control. Reflect our values ??in the development of tobacco, fruit, wine, printing, pharmaceuticals, automotive, logistics, public security, transportation, prisons, banks, remote diagnostics and network meetings, the Earth's oceans resource exploration and other industries, enhance customer value and achieve common social value.
  The company currently has a number of high-quality, specialized R & D, design, construction and management team, in image processing, analysis and automated vision inspection systems have a deep knowledge. In particular, the company's main technical backbone from the military institute, and has a number of senior engineers in related fields, master's degree or above accounted for 20% of college education accounted for 90%.



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