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[2014-02-20]Automotive industry applications

The car in the increasing complexity increases the possibility of defects generated in the production of automobile manufacturers, but is difficult to...[View details]

[2014-02-20]Application in tobacco industry

First of all, the tobacco industry is relatively high national profit rate for control of production industry, so there are sufficient funds to suppor...[View details]

[2014-02-20]Fruit industry application

In order to improve our competitiveness in international sales of fruit on the market, improve the fruit quality and storage period, fruit before list...[View details]

[2014-02-20]Wine industry application

Based on the machine vision, dedicated to the online detection of beer bottle, wine bottle production line appearance whether defects, defect bottle a...[View details]

[2014-02-20]The pharmaceutical industry application

Accurate identification of packing defects can be detected online bottled and box medicine, at the same time statistics drug quantity, effectively eli...[View details]

[2014-02-20]Application of the aquaculture industry

With the increasing human demand for severe recession marine food and marine fishery resources, to ocean fishing dominated world fishery is gradually ...[View details]

[2014-02-20]Electronic and other industries

Chinese has become an important global IC market. Show according to relevant data Chinese has become the focus of world semiconductor investment in re...[View details]

[2014-02-20]Detection and recognition of defects of machine vi...

In the process of printing, the printing process and other reasons, often there will be color, misregister phenomenon, there will be some defects, lin...[View details]



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