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2009 graduated from the Wuhan Institute of Technology Computer Science and Technology, familiar with C / C + + and other languages??, with a solid language skills and good coding style, skilled use of data structures commonly used algorithm, familiar with application software programming windows platform, can skillfully use MFC programming, familiar with a variety of graphics and image processing algorithms, according to user requirements to prepare skilled application of image processing software, familiar with Linux development environment, to master Linux C language programming, familiar Makefile preparation and skilled use vim editor, gcc, gdb, etc. tools for writing code, tracing and debugging, familiar with the system programming, network programming under Linux environment, familiar bootloader preparation, transplanting. Familiar ARM11, able to read the chip manual, independent watchdog bare metal, UART, LCD display, touch screen, AC97 audio and other equipment in accordance with the manual-driven development. March 2011 - May 2012 Concept Technology Co., Ltd. is still working on a software engineer, in June 2012 has worked in Shenzhen Ding Technology Co., Ltd. is a software engineer, design company involved in the development of multiple projects.

Hu Shengan



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