Our editorial board and reviewers review journal articles from these prestigious lists:

  1. Association of Business School (ABS)
  2. Australian Business Dean Council (ABDC)
  3. Excellence Research Australia (ERA)
  5. Thompson Reuters ISI

Our editorial board and reviewers comes from a broad range of expertise. They have experiences reviewing and writing for the following journals (just to name a few):

  • American Journal of Sociology
  • Annual Review of Sociology
  • Computer Science and Information Systems
  • Developmental Psychology
  • European Journal of Information Systems
  • European Journal of Marketing
  • Industrial Marketing Management
  • International Journal of Accounting Information System
  • International Marketing Review
  • Journal of Accounting & Economics
  • Journal of Banking & Finance
  • Journal of Business Research
  • Journal of Consumer Psychology
  • Journal of Corporate Finance
  • Journal of Economic & Management Strategy
  • Journal of Environmental Economics and Management
  • Journal of Global Information Management
  • Journal of International Management
  • Journal of Management
  • Journal of Management Studies
  • Journal of Marketing Research
  • Journal of Monetary Economics
  • Journal of Public Economics
  • Journal of Services Marketing
  • Marketing Theory
  • Psychology & Marketing
  • Qualitative Sociology
  • Social Psychology Quarterly
  • Social Science Research
  • Studies in Higher Education
  • Teaching Communication
  • Teaching in Higher Education
  • Total Quality Management & Business Excellence

We guarantee that your work will be in good hands, and our reviewers will provide you with good comments for our journal publications. You can be rest assured that the quality of our reviews and comments will bring you to a higher level in your capacity as an academic and researcher.

You can also collaborate with our editorial board and reviewers in writing and publishing in the above mentioned lists.

All the best.



The Business Management Centre