Tried very hard to publish in ISI or Scopus Indexed Journals but it is difficult to get published? Too high expectations from the journal publishers?

Well, worry no more, we have a list of reputable and prominent authors who publishes regularly in impacted journals and they are willing to provide you with ideas and guidelines on how to publish.

Our centre provides the platform that links authors to prominent professors in your area. We charge administrative fees to link you to these prominent authors…

These prominent professors will guide and advice you on ideas, crafting, comments, methods, implications etc on your writing.

Through this link, we hope that you can bring the publication quality to a higher height.

We do hope that through the linkages, you will be able to publish in impacted journals, and will bring greater heights to the quality of publications in the future.

Do not worry of the credibility of our prominent professors, if you are dissatisfied with our services or consultations from our prominent professors, we will refund your money.

You may try our trial session for US$15.00 to ensure the value and worth of our consultancy services.

Consultancy Fees

5 consultation sessions with our prominent professors at just US$150.00 (significant and conducive consultations and comments, or money back guaranteed). If it is just simple email questions and answers, it is not counted as any consultation sessions. We will inform you to obtain your consent before we count any session as a consultation session. As our prominent professors are authors and reviewers of prestigious journals, the consultation styles are similar to those high impact journals.

What you need to provide us:
i. The Journal that you wish our prominent professors to advice
ii. Some general ideas on the study gaps/problems/issues or
iii. Write up and our prominent professors will comment and give feedback

We can also provide:
i. Writing tips
ii. Skeleton ideas- at least one page (1.5 spacing) in length on the entire write-up (counted as 2 consultation sessions)
iii. Etc

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All the best.

The Business Management Centre