The Business Management Centre was established in 2012. Throughout our growing years, we have developed our strength into journal publications and conference organization. The Business Management Centre is a very specialized and niche conference organizers that caters to a specific range of conferences that we are expert in. Through our offering, we use expertise from all over the world to assist and improve the quality of papers submitted to our journals and conferences. Our journals and conferences hope to build and improve the qualities of your writing and publications.

We take pride in our prestigious journals that we publish and the reputable reviewers that we engage:

If you wish to collaborate with our reviewers, kindly send us your proposed topic with skeleton ideas or your write-up to: We will hook you up with the respective reviewers or experts in your field and your forth-coming ISI or SCOPUS journal publications is hopefully in the making. You may refer to some selected journal publications that our reviewers and experts have published at Editorial Board and Reviewers.

To collaborate with our reviewers or experts, you will need to publish at least two articles with us or submit two conference papers. Our reviewers or experts will be working closely with you to craft the manuscript to reach a better international quality.

We invite your submission in our first issue of our journal. International Journal of Business Management and Society and International Journal of Applied Business Strategy are scholarly open access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, bi-monthly and fully refereed journals focusing on theories, methods and applications is inviting academics and practitioners to submit their papers in the area of:

  1. Business, Administration, Accounting, Finance & Economics, Management, Marketing, Education, Information Technology; Social Sciences, Politics, Arts & Humanities, Sociology, Psychology etc.

The journals aim to provide important business management and societal issues as they are affected by the changes in the economy, society and culture and how these affects the conduct of business practices. We also aim to maintain a fast and rapid editorial procedure and a rigorous peer-review system. Submitted articles are reviewed within two weeks and accepted articles are published online immediately upon receiving the final version.

In future, we will  include our journal in the ISI and SCOPUS database (and subsequently to Excellence Research Australia (ERA), Campbell and Ulrich listing), which will further enhance the recognition of your publication internationally.

Our journal will provide you the following values:

  1. International networking and collaboration
  2. Authoring or Co-authoring with our ISI or SCOPUS indexed authors and reviewers
  3. Exchange ideas and conducive comments
  4. Promote inter-organizational/university collaboration
  5. Be the pioneer and enjoy a lower publication fee
  6. Assist authors in providing editorial services to enhance their writing
  7. A quick turn-around time between submission and publication so that you will achieve your stated key performance indicator in a timely manner
  8. Latest insights into business innovations, market behavior and strategies.

Please submit your full paper to or visit us at

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